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Our goal is to return you to your normal everyday activities within the shortest, safest period of time. Our clinic staff will strive to make your visit to our office as pleasant and efficient as possible.
We provide a knowledgeable, well researched, scientific approach to diagnosing and treating foot disorders. Our philosophy is to use the most conservative treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome. We also provide a comprehensive screening service for those at risk for developing foot problems such as people with diabetes, poor circulation, loss of sensation and foot deformity.

In the womb, human feet resemble the grasping feet of monkeys and apes. Lagging behind hands, lower-limb buds form by the end of the 4th week of life. By week seven, digital rays appear on the buds which resemble fleshy paddles. By week eight toes separate through a process of programmed cell death. Between the 5th and 12th weeks, muscles enter from outside the growing limbs as bones and tendons form inside them. Like creeping vines, nerves grow into the lower extremities and cable the feet to multiple sites in the brain, and at three months, a human foetus can wiggle its toes. Though mostly acting as a complex mechanical pivot to support our bodies our feet never outgrow their innate ability to reach out and touch.

Foot and related leg pain can be debilitating: 80% of people complain of foot problems during their lives.

Because the foot is one of the most intricate parts of your musculoskeletal system, understanding its many problems often requires specialised knowledge of the complex structure, function and disorders to effectively diagnose and treat it.

Foot pain is not "normal". It can be a sign of an underlying problem that can be corrected quickly and effectively if treated early. Left untreated, your problems can effect your posture and gait then go on to cause pain in your knees, hips and back and may progress to the point where you are unable to continue with normal activities.