We periodically recruit new team members.

We are looking for people who are applying for medicine, physician assistant, allied health profession programs and are between their under and postgraduate studies. Typically you will be making applications and waiting for interviews.

We anticipate that three of our team will be moving back into full time education during summer 2016 and are accepting resumes for podiatry assistants currently.

Full training will be given to successful applicants. Part time position for those continuing undergraduade studies is a possibility.

Please email a resume with covering letter with availabilty and career plans.

email subject should be

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Though flat foot is the most common foot deformity, most people can live very well with it - participating in sports and even running marathons. "It's pain that brings people with flat feet into the doctor's office.'
Although flat feet in young children are usually painless, the condition can become painful in adolescence or older. Sometimes, pain occurs during or after sports or other physical activity. Other times, there's aching pain at night or a tired feeling in the foot, ankle or leg. The heel can become red and painful if the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle is involved. Calluses may form on the bottom of the foot. All these symptoms are reasons to book an appointment to see us. .