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Please complete and bring this form with you.


•   Make a note of the nature of your foot problem.
     If you have pain, make a note of the following:
•   Where the pain is
•   When did it start
•   When it occurs
•   Whether it changes
•   If anything aggravates or ameliorates it
•   Have you had any prior evaluations or treatments?
•   Bring a list of any medications, medical problems and allergies.
•   Bring work, home, casual and athletic shoes currently used.
•   Bring any foot orthoses or braces which have been used


During your initial visit we will review your relevant medical or surgical history. We examine you, establish the nature of your problem, and aim to reach a diagnosis. For simple problems one visit is often all that is required. If addition tests are needed to complete the examination, we will discuss this and agree on a treatment plan.

Despite the fact that so many people experience foot pain, only a fraction of seek treatment.  The reason?  Many people have the mistaken notion that their feet are supposed to hurt.
Walking is often the best exercise for your feet. It also contributes to your general health by improving circulation, contributing to weight control. and promoting all-around well being.
Being well prepared for your initial visit will help us to help you. Here are some suggestions: